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Lore: Nala-dum

Nala Dum

The Dwarves of Khazad-dûm were known as great craftsmen, with knowledge of seemingly magical arts. Among these were the great Water-works which funneled water from the mountains into the halls of Moria. The chief engine of this process lay within the chambers known as Nalâ-dûm.

After many long years of abandonment, lizards and rock-worms have nested in the works of the great water-wheels, bringing their function to a halt. There are rumours among the dwarves of the Iron Hill Garrison that something far more terrible than lizards dwells also in the halls of Nalâ-dûm. . . .

Players of The Lord of the Rings Online seeking a small fellowship challenge will be pleased with Nalâ-dûm. This instance features three-player content, two bosses, a hard challenge mode, and a radiance armour set piece, as well as a puzzle-based game mechanic.