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TOR Lore-Origin Worlds pt.2: Ord Mantell

Ord Mantell is the starting world of the Trooper and Smuggler classes. Though it is technically under Republic control, there must be a fair amount of fighting going on there given the deployment of Republic forces on the planet. Known equally for its natural beauty, its general state of lawlessness, and as a safe haven […]

SWtoR: New Class Revealed – Trooper

All the theories and predictions that the next class to be revealed is going to be the smuggler were dead wrong. The class to emerge from the revolution torn world of Ord Mantell is none other than the Republic Trooper. Now remember kids, this is not your Imperial trooper clone. This is thousands of years before Darth Vader’s Storm Troopers. They might look alike but they are the good guys – defending the Republic alongside the Jedi. The official announcement reads as follows:

We are excited to reveal the next playable character class in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – the Trooper!

The Trooper is an elite combat specialist in the Republic military armed with heavy blaster rifles and nearly impenetrable armor designed by the military’s top engineers. Trained to beat almost any odds, the Trooper battles deep behind enemy lines to carry out precise, hard hitting strikes against the enemy, with a barrage of blaster-fire and a few carefully aimed firebombs. Even Sith Lords are wise to think twice before engaging in combat with the Trooper—this is what it means to be one of the Republic’s finest.

Check out the latest screenshots in our gallery below (including the walpapers). The official page presenting the Trooper is here, while in conjunction there is an interview with the SWtoR’s principal lead writer Daniel Erickson and lead combat designer Damion Schubert going deeper into the creation of the Trooper.[PSGallery=wd24q7ade]

SWtoR Developer Dispatch: Diverse Worlds

Star Wars: The Old Republic devs have treated us with another video showing of their design choices and some unseen footage of the four planets that have been revealed so far. I’ve been playing Mass Effect lately. Didn’t have time for it when it first came out so in preparation for SW:toR I’m brushing up on Bioware games. That galaxy image looks a lot like the galaxy map in Mass Effect. I am guessing we’ll have a similar interface to that to jump planets.

I must admit I love the video. It gets me excited every time they release some imagery from the game. Makes me want to play it right now! Pity it will be a year or more before this is really true. Enjoy the video bellow – and watch it in HD – it is well worth it.

Developer Blog: Creating Ord Mantell

Flaming walkers, a destroyed bridge, refugees huddled on the outskirts of a large Republic base. These are some of the sights that let you know you’re on the war-ravaged world of Ord Mantell. But long before any of these elements were represented in-game, they were in the minds and design docs of the writers of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. Read a blog from one such writer, Rebecca Harwick. As we got used with these by now, the article is filled with information that can help us determine what direction the devs are taking and why they made choices that they made. Ord Mantell is looking more and more like the starting planet for the Smuggler class me thinks.

Ord Mantell – New playable planet revealed

Another portion of the Old Republic’s universe got revealed today, a planet burdened by civil war between the Republic military and Separatist guerrillas – Ord Mantell.
Positioned in the Mid Rim and still aligned with the Republic its a planet of saltwater seas and islands. Looks like a perfect place to go for a vacation, but the criminal elements are stirring up a mess despite the presence of a military base. Throw in some separatist guerrilla and you get fertile grounds for some great storytelling. To get a glimpse of the background story go to the official page here. You can also download high resolution screenshots and concept art or check out our gallery bellow :).