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1.1.4 Patch Notes

The patch notes from the 1.1.4 update are now posted over at swtor.com. Amid the usual bug a glitch fixes are a few special updates that players should be pleased with.   The has been an update to some boss mechanics in both the Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace. When fighting Soa during the Eternity […]

1.1.3 Patch Notes

The patch notes for 1.1.3 are now up. No major changes were made this week outside of the general fixing of bugs and tweaking of abilities., though PvP enthusiasts will be happy to know they will no longer not receive credit for winning a match when the first player to enter a Warzone leaves before the match […]

February 14th Maintenance

Tomorrow is Tuesday and you know what that means, it’s time for some weekly SWTOR maintenance. As usual the servers are scheduled to go down starting at 2AM CST (12AM PST/3AM EST/8AM GMT/9AM CET) and are scheduled to be back up again by 6AM CST (4AM PST/7AM EST/12PM GMT/1PM CET).   The current Public Server 1.1.3 patch is […]

1.1.2 Patch Notes

This week’s patch notes are up and ready to be seen by the general public. The usual class ability tweeks and improvements to Operations and Flashpoints are present. But one note in general should have players jumping for joy.   If Sprint was active when a player died, it now remains active when the player […]

Public Test Server Patch Notes and Upcoming Crafting Changes

BioWare recently released patch notes for update 1.1.2, which is currently live on the Public Test Server. It includes the usual plethora of ability, mission, and companion fixes as well as some tweeks to the Biochem skill.   Biochem users will now be able to give/sell Energized and Exotech stims and adrenals to other players […]