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RPing as a “Bad Guy”

((The RP XP With MJ #7))   Darth Tagious found the abandoned Czerka garage with the Force, zeroing in on the bounty hunter and agent who captured the Twi’lek smuggler. He waved his hand at the door and it swooshed aside at his bidding. “My lord,” Agent Jenla Ruf said, and snapped to attention as […]

TOR Lore- Origin of the Sith Pureblood

  There are some alien species within the Star Wars universe that anyone can recognize. You could show a picture of a Twi’lek, Wookiee, or Rodian to just about any random person on the street and they will be able to tell you that have seen them before, even if they can’t tell you their […]

SWTOR Class The Sith Warrior

The Sith class has been officially shown at E3 and in this interview the Sith Warrior has been revealed and discussed by James Ohlen and Emmanuel Lusinchi – BioWare.

Darth Vader was the primary inspiration for the this character class. The Sith Warrior is a heavily armored Force user driven by darkness and rage,  a frontline fighter who aggressively uses the Force to augment his destructive power. Depending on whether players develop their characters toward pure damage or toward a balanced offense and defense, a warrior can go toe-to-toe against the strongest enemy in the room or take apart a whole mob of lesser foes. The Sith Warrior’s attacks are all about uncontrollable rage and the overwhelming use of force.

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