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Aion’s Mage subclass The Sorcerer


One of the most popular Aion’s classes are Mages with two subclasses Spiritmaster and a Sorcerer. Few weeks ago we wrote about Aion’s Mage subclass The Spiritmaster and now is time to make a sneak peak at The Sorcerer.

Brief Introduction

Sorcerers take an academic, almost scientific, approach to magic and manipulating Aether. Through careful study, they’ve learned some of the natural laws that influence how Aether flows through the world, especially how it interacts with water, fire, wind, and earth. In South Korea, they describe the Sorcerer as the “sword of glass.” This metaphor evokes the damage a Sorcerer can do (like a sword) and its vulnerability (made of glass). A Sorcerer can only equip cloth armor and its physical defense and health are extremely low. Its evasion is also low, so in general, a Sorcerer is weak against physical attacks. In the low levels of Sorcerer, the class doesn’t have many skills that recover mana points (MP), so a Sorcerer may find they spend a lot of time on MP recovery.
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