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Guild Wars 2 announced

The “no subscription fee” MMO gets a well deserved sequel. I remember I liked Guild Wars when it first came out, but I was too deep into my WoW addiction at the time to really care enough :). Anyways, lets skip to the good stuff – the teaser trailer with some in game enviroments.

NCsoft and ArenaNet surprised and thrilled Guild Wars fans today with the world premiere of this video, the first Guild Wars 2 teaser trailer, at the GamesCom 2009 show in Cologne, Germany. See a glimpse of what’s to come in this much anticipated MMORPG sequel, set 250 years after the original Guild Wars. This teaser trailer reveals some of the world-shaking events that set up the story of Guild Wars 2 and also showcases the game’s fantastic graphics and environments…

Star Trek Online in-game footage from Gamescom 09

There’s loads of news incoming from Gamescom. Lets start of with some in game footage from the Star Trek MMORPG. It is a video shown at the STO conference shot by a handheld camera so not all details are sharp, but we can still see some space and on planet combat. Space combat looks impressive and is reminiscent of what we’ve seen in the movies and TV shows. Planet combat on the other hand feels a bit clunky. You better judge for yourself from the video below:

Aion patch 1.5 official HD video

Korean Aion players are getting ready for the third major content update in patch 1.5. To hype up the occasion NCsoft released a trailer for the upcoming patch featuring all in game footage of the new instances and battlegrounds. The 1.5 patch is the one the Western players will be starting the game with, so you might want to check out what awaits us all. All of you playing the Closed Beta events are sure to recognize the Dark Poeta, inverted version of the Elyos starting area. This is now a new instance full of Balaur that requires lvl 50 and a quest item to enter. There is also a pirate infested instance called Steelrake Valley for lvl 40+ players, new battleground ( Dreadgion ) and new Abyss instances. You can read the translated patch notes here.

But the star is certainly the new trailer showcasing all of the above. Watch it in HD if at all possible because it really is worth it.

The most Epic Star Wars trailer … ever!

I am at loss of words. I have images of explosions and light sabers and bullet time effects permanently burned into my brain. The cinematic trailer Bioware released at the E3 expo is probably the most epic piece of media ever to be unleashed on the world. I haven’t been this excited about something since I first saw the WoW trailer 5 years ago. Could it be that Blizzard, the master of cinematic trailers, has finally found its match. Judge for yourself from the video below. If I were you I would go to the official SW:tOR site and download the trailer in HD resolution – it is worth every megabyte. The trailer can be found here (to download use that little arrow pointing down).