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Apr 09 2009

Dark days are coming?

Published by at 2:34 pm under The Secret World

The internetz was hit with an awesome looking game trailer for a MMORPG in development named “The Secret World”. If you have been under a rock like I have, you had no idea this was in the making and that it was so different from everything else currently on the market or in development. Apparently, The Secret World is placed in current day Earth but monsters, myths and legends of old and new are real. The dark fantasy title will start with New York, London and Seoul as first playable locations and is promising some unique features with accent being on story telling. To read more about the title I recommend you visit Massively.com and their GDC ’09 article about the game as well as their interview with the game’s creator. The game is being developed by Funcom (yes, the people that managed to screw up Age of Conan) and still has no release date.

Enjoy the awesome teaser trailer:

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