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Sep 04 2009

The Secret Societies of The Secret World

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As a teaser for PAX 2009, Funcom has revealed three secret societies: The Illuminati, The Dragon, and The Templars. The Secret World uses no classes or levels,and gives you complete freedom when creating and developing your character.

The secret societies are integral to The Secret World. Players must eventually pick a side in the conflict. By revealing the three societies – and at the same time keeping some exciting new features under wraps – we provide players with the opportunity to dig deeper into the conspiracies and urban legends, and to learn more about these famous secret societies, before making their final decision when the game launches.
Producer and Director Ragnar Tørnquist

The Dragon

The Dragon faction, based in The Secret World’s version of Seoul, South Korea, has existed in some form for thousands of years. This faction specializes in indirectly influencing the flow of history by using subtle political suggestions, strategic alliances, and maybe a quiet assassination here and there to turn its enemies against each other and eventually get its way. While members of the Dragon faction don’t fear using force, they also don’t believe in excessive use of it; they prefer instead to humbly listen to their elders, peers, and the universe. They especially like it when you underestimate them, and those that do underestimate members of this faction generally come to regret doing so sooner or later.

The Illuminati

The Secret World’s Illuminati faction is based in New York City and considered to be the “bad boys” of the underworld. The faction’s roots date back to the days of ancient Egypt, though today, it’s known for fabulously extravagant parties held by its rich-and-famous members, who are celebrities and captains of industry alike. This faction believes that honor is a myth, the dollar is indeed almighty, and survival should be enjoyed only by the fittest. While it takes wealth, power, and ambition just to gain entry to the Illuminati, it also takes complete ruthlessness and a single-minded focus on ransacking every store of wealth on the planet to truly advance oneself here.

The Templars

The Templars, based in The Secret World’s version of London, is a zealous faction that has battled evil for centuries and is perhaps the least secret of the secret societies. Its syndicate has combined military might with religious clout and often operated openly since the days of the Babylonian empire. While the so-called “Knights Templar,” an offshoot of this faction, has been identified by conspiracy theorists as an influential group, the true Templar faction possesses far more resources and influence across all of Europe, as well as spans parliamentary seats and even members of royal families. Templars believe that right makes might and that liberal applications of both will win the war against darkness.

To decide what secret society you should join in the game visit the official Web site and complete a ‘personality test’  .


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