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Jul 23 2009

Wizard101 Free Housing Furniture

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New Wizard101 housing feature called Castles & Lands will give us opportunity to find decoration for our Houses on different places. If you have extra time and love adventures follow our small guide and discover several amusing furniture pieces. And above all, they are free! We would like to thank Adambinder123 for all screenshots.

Location: Wizard City

Brain Jar Brain Jar 1 Brain Jar Haunted Cave Brain Jar, Wizard City,
in Haunted Cave in Lord Nightshade’s room
Lynx Gazer Lynx Gazer 1 Lynx Gazer Ravenwood Lynx Gazer painting, Wizard City,
Ravenwood, In the school of Myth
Open Book Open Book 1 Open Book Triton Avenue Open Book, Wizard City
Triton Avenue, In the Harvest Lord Tower
Pen And Ink Pen And Ink 1 Pen And Ink Firecat Alley Pen and Ink, Wizard City,
Firecat alley, Anna Flamewright’s house.
Tiny Arched Door Tiny Arched Door Location Tiny Arched Door Shopping District Tiny Arched Door, Wizard City
can be found in shopping district, at the pet shop, right of the shop keeper

Location: Krokotopia

Bowl Of Tomatoes Bowl Of Tomatoes 1 Bowl Of Tomatoes Krokosphinx Bowl Of Tomatoes, Krokotopia
there is a bowl of tomatoes outside the Krokosphinx, near the shopkeeper
Hieroglyphic Fire Karanahn Barracks Hieroglyphic Fire Tablet Hieroglyphic Fire Tablet 1 Hieroglyphic Fire Tablet, Krokotopia
Karrahan Barracks near the door with all the bridges
Sledgehammer Sledgehammer 1 Sledgehammer Palace Of Fire Sledgehammer, Krokotopia
Throne Room of Fire: near Private Farnsworth
Tall Ladder Tall Ladder 1 Tall Ladder Chamber Of Fire Tall Ladder, Krokotopia
In the Chamber of Fire in the Excavation Site
Tall Pumpkin Tall Pumpkin 1 Tall Pumpkin Hall Of Champions Tall Pumpkin, Krokotopia
Hall of Champions: next to Rami

Location: Marleybone

Coil Of Rope Coil Of Rope 1 Coil Of Rope Regents Square Coil Of Rope, Marleybone
Near the spiral door behind a column
Discarded Newspaper Discarded Newspaper 1 Discarded Newspaper Scotland Yard Roof Discarded Newspaper, Marleybone
In the Scotland yard roof near the entrance stairs on the floor
Green Foodcart Green Foodcart 1 Green Foodcart Digmoore Station Green FoodCart, Marleybone
In Digmoore station, right when you come in
Hairdini Playbill Hairdini Playbill 1 Hairdini Playbill Scotland Yard Hairdini Playbill, Marleybone
In the Scotland Yard: wall behind Officer McGruff, near Marcel’s Jail Cell

Location: Mooshu

Round Boulder Round Boulder, Mooshu
Near Kaili in Kishibe Village, next to Tu Luk Kmo
Samoorai Bust Samoorai Bust 1 Samoorai Bust Hametsu Village Samoorai Bust, Mooshu
In Hametsu Village inside fire on house porch
Stone Obelisk Stone Obelisk 1 Stone Obelisk Jade Palace Stone Obelisk, Mooshu
Spiral Chamber, behind spiral door
Yellow Silk Kimono Yellow Silk Kimono 1 Yellow Silk Kimono Jade Palace Emperors Room Yellow Silk Kimono, Mooshu
Emperor’s throne room inside Jade Palace
Serpent tablet, Mooshu
Shirataki Temple: in Plague Oni’s room

Location: Dragonspyre

Dragonskull Obelisk Dragonskull Obelisk 1 Dragonskull Obelisk Atheneum Dragonskull Obelisk, Dragonspyre
In the Dragonspyre library next to robe and hat keeper
Tiered Lava Fountain Tiered Lava Fountain 1 Tiered Lava Fountain The Basilica Fountain Tiered Lava Fountain, Dragonspyre
Near Zeke in Basilica
Pillory, Dragonspyre
Plaza of Conquest – Sandor Spellcaller’s tower

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