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Wizard101 Free Housing Furniture

New Wizard101 housing feature called Castles & Lands will give us opportunity to find decoration for our Houses on different places. If you have extra time and love adventures follow our small guide and discover several amusing furniture pieces. And above all, they are free! We would like to thank Adambinder123 for all screenshots.
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Items disappearing from housing walls

Few days ago a new feature was added to Wizard101 – housing system known as Castles & Lands. This game is based on magic, but items disappearing from dorm and housing walls is a bug. Wizard101 the game will be offline 08 May 2009 during the regular maintenance period of 3am to 4am Central time. After the update, your items should appear where you placed them.

If you still notice something is missing, please let Mr Lincoln know by submitting a bug report by going to Wizard101.com the website.

Also, if you had some trouble locating the Wizard101 Gift Cards at Rite Aid, don’t worry the cards are rolling out this week and will start hitting stores over the next couple of weeks.