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Jul 12 2009

Level 68 cold weather flying in patch 3.2

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World of Warcraft’s patch 3.2 has already been dubbed the alt leveling patch and the latest news about mount changes just confirms it. First there were changes to the level at which you can obtain regular mounts. Just to remind you, here’s the list:

– Regular land mounts trainable at level 20 (was 30)
– Epic land mounts trainable at level 40 (was 60)
– Regular flying mounts trainable at level 60 (was 70)
– Regular flying mounts speed increased to a 150% gain (was 60%)

The latest news confirmed by blues on the forums is that there will be a heirloom item “Tome of Cold Weather Flight”. At level 80 players can buy this heirloom item from the Cold Weather Flying Trainer in Dalaran for 1,000 gold and send it to an alt of the same realm, faction and account. The tome can be used to learn Cold Weather Flying at level 68, consuming the tome in the process. This will make it possible to fly around Northrend with your alts 9 levels sooner than before which will make leveling them that much faster. News spotted at wow.com.

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