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Level 68 cold weather flying in patch 3.2


World of Warcraft’s patch 3.2 has already been dubbed the alt leveling patch and the latest news about mount changes just confirms it. First there were changes to the level at which you can obtain regular mounts. Just to remind you, here’s the list:

– Regular land mounts trainable at level 20 (was 30)
– Epic land mounts trainable at level 40 (was 60)
– Regular flying mounts trainable at level 60 (was 70)
– Regular flying mounts speed increased to a 150% gain (was 60%)

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Argent Tournament Mounts

In an upcoming minor patch, faction mounts offered by vendors on the Argent Tournament grounds will have their visual appearances improved. You will find that the mounts being offered will better match the colours of the faction you chose to represent. Mounts already purchased at the Argent Tournament will automatically be replaced with the updated mounts when this patch goes live.

Alliance and Horde Mounts

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Book 7 Galadhrim Horse

There are only 4 rep quests you can do now that have 2hr cooldowns and those all take place along the road in those orc/goblin camps which are going to be heavily decimated come release!
You need ~ [30 Lothlorien Gold Leaf] & [50 Lothlorien Silver Branch] and Kindred Standing with Galadhrim to get Galadhrim Horse[PSGallery=32nf7oasq]