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Mar 07 2009

Your Very Own Mount

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Your Very Own Mount

As you get closer to level 35 I’m sure you are pretty excited about getting your very own mount. We all often hear the questions about where, how much, etc. on OOC chat and wonder ourselves. So here it is, all your one-stop mount needs.

What Level Can I Get A Mount?

How Much Does It Cost?
4 gold, 220 silver

How Am I Going To Raise That Much Money?
My advice is to start saving around 25. Only spend on important things, and perhaps even let crafting take a break until you have raised enough money. Most of your gear can come from quests and does not need to be purchased at the Auction House. I’d also suggest finding a good “system” that works for your play style.

Personally I spent time mining ore and then turning it into ingots. The ingots sold for a decent amount and helped me raise money fast.

What Are My Options?
There are 4 types to choose from:





Who Gets What?
Dwarves and Hobbits are able to ride Pony’s
Elfs and Humans are able to ride Horses
* You are able to purchase the wrong one, but will not be able to ride it. For instance, a Human can purchase a Pony but will be unable to use it.

Is It Bound To Me?

Where Do I Go When I’m 35?
When you pass level 35 you will receive an in game notice to visit Eogar at Hengstacer Farms, north of Bree.

What Do I Have To Do?
You will be given a total of 4 quests to complete before you are able to receive your horse.

[35] Fresh Steed For Bree
Eogar asks you to select the Blonde Horse/Pony and ride to the stablemaster in West Bree to replenish his supply. After delivering the horse you need to return to Eogar at the farm. Reward: 7s 84c

[35] Fresh Steed for Michel Delving
Eogar now trusts you and wants you to ride another Horse/Pony to the Stablemaster in Michel Delving. You are timed, so you will need to get moving right away without wasting any time. Michel Delving is at the far Southwest corner of The Shire.

You now need to return to Eogar at the farm. Reward: 19s 60c

[35] Fresh Steed for Othrikar
Eogar has one last task for you to do before you are ready to prove your quality. Now you are to ride a Horse/Pony to the stablemaster at the Dwarf city of Othrikar, located in the Northern portion of North Downs.

Return to Eogar after delivering the horse for your final quest. Reward: 19s 60c

[35] Proving Your Quality
Eogar now wants you to mount a Bloodbay Horse/Pony and follow a marked track race around the farm. You need to make it through each of the gates to win. There are 12 gates total. This is timed, and can get tough. I have heard of many players needing multiple tries to win the race. Just remember that the path isn’t always leading you in the right direction (especially when you see a big hill to the right!). Space Bar will alow you to jump over fences and small objects while riding. And you can run in water, as long as it’s not to deep.And you can run in water, as long as it’s not to deep. One member of our Kinship, Blythe, stated, “A lot of folk struggle on the race. A tip is to cut corners where you can on it. Be prepared to fail at least the first time as you learn the loop.”

After completing the race you now have the trait “Riding”. You can purchase your horse from Eogar, equip it and are ready ride like the wind bullseye!

Special horses

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