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New Lothlorien Cloaks

There are 4 new Lothlorien cloak recipes, and all of them are BoA:

  • Lorien Elder’s Cloak Recipe – Lothlorien Elder’s Cloak
  • Lorien Sentinel’s Cloak Recipe – Lothlorien Sentinel’s Cloak
  • Lorien Stalkers’s Cloak Recipe – Lothlorien Stalkers’s Cloak
  • Lorien Preserver’s Cloak Recipe – Lothlorien Preserver’s Cloak

If you are a Tailor you need Supreme Tailor Crafting Ability to make these cloaks and a lot of Silver Branches. Unfortunately the cost to the tailor to just make a non critted one is very high, but we can assume the price of the critted one in Auction House. Also, we’ve collected information about critted version of all cloaks. Take a look at our Lothlorien Cloak gallery and decide if you would like to have one of these cloaks.[PSGallery=9p53o50q6]

The Inn Leaque Reputation Quide


This guide is intended to detail the various methods of earning reputation points with the Inn League faction. The Inn League reputation area can be found inside the Bird & Baby Inn, which can be found in Michel Delving, Shire, Eriador.

The information found here was originally discovered on the Roheryn preview server. I have since confirmed the information below is live on all servers as of 8/1/2008. As it stands now, you can only earn reputation during one of the quarterly festivals.

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Volume 2, Book 7 Known Issues

The latest free content update, Volume II, Book 7: Leaves of Lorien is live! In Volume II: Book 7: Leaves of Lorien, you are called upon to enter the enchanted lands sheltered beneath the shimmering leaves of the ancient forest Lothlórien.

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Volume II, Book 7: Leaves of Lorien downloadable

The downloadable updater means you can download our latest content update before it goes live on the Turbine servers, saving you time when they come back up on March 17th. It also means you can download the patch on a computer that you don’t have LOTRO installed on (i.e. your work computer), transfer the patch to a disk or device, and then run it on the computer with a LOTRO client to update it.
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