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Gwathnor Scratchpad

Gwathnor is the final boss of the Vol II, Book 6 epic quest Instance: New Devilry. According to the concept artist he was told that Gwathnor is some type of lesser Balrog. This Ancient Evil Nameless Boss has two forms: Shadow and Fire.


Special thanks to Taralom for beautiful screenshots.

2 million users for Wizard101

Online entertainment company KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. announced that Wizard101 has now hit the 2 million unique user mark.

Anyone with a Windows based PC (that meets our minimum specifications) and a high speed internet connection can play the Free-to-Play areas of Wizard101 indefinitely. KingsIsle lets players choose subscription or microtransaction methods for premium content.

Family plan subscriptions are $6.95 per month and general subscriptions are $9.95. Micropayment zones give permanent access to particular streets or areas within the game for as little as a $1.