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Warcraft or Papercraft

Wow-Europe had an interview with Pascal who is PaperCraft designer. Pascal owns several blogs dealing with Papercraft; the main one is inspired by World of Warcraft. The World of Warcraft universe is so rich that one can find every kind of subject, therefore it is a very good source of inspiration if you are looking for models.


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Developer Blog: Creating Ord Mantell

Flaming walkers, a destroyed bridge, refugees huddled on the outskirts of a large Republic base. These are some of the sights that let you know you’re on the war-ravaged world of Ord Mantell. But long before any of these elements were represented in-game, they were in the minds and design docs of the writers of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. Read a blog from one such writer, Rebecca Harwick. As we got used with these by now, the article is filled with information that can help us determine what direction the devs are taking and why they made choices that they made. Ord Mantell is looking more and more like the starting planet for the Smuggler class me thinks.

New Champions Online Trailer on Gamespot

New Champions Online Nemesis Video Trailer is up on

Champions Online seems like it will be doing a lot of different things–and a lot of things that are different from what you’d expect from a traditional massively multiplayer game. The in-depth character appearance design, archvillain gameplay, and ongoing story quests should give comic-book fans plenty of stuff to enjoy, while the highly customizable character power system, customizable archvillains and henchmen, raiding, and PVP content should appeal to hardcore massively multiplayer fans. And the fast-paced, accessible combat should hopefully make the game appealing for just about anyone else. Champions Online should have plenty of colorful comic-book superhero action to offer when it launches later this year for the PC and the Xbox 360.

PopCap releases Peggle for WoW

If you play World of Warcraft and have any extra time!?! you can download the brand new Peggle for WoW addon from PopCap’s site.

The game rewards you with “Talent points” that can change the gameplay itself, and you can challenge other players within World of Warcraft to duels and score battles. There’s even a “Peggle loot” setting, which, when used as Master Looter, will let your guildies and friends with the addon actually take Peggle shots against each other to determine who gets loot drops.