Monthly Archives: April 2009

Champions Online release date


On an event that took place today in the UK in Cryptic studio’s HQ, Bill Roper (of Warcraft/Starcraft/Diablo fame back in Blizzard and most recently Hellgate:London debacle) announced that Champions Online, superhero MMORPG, will be released in the US and Europe on 14th July 2009. So get your pantyhose ready and prepare to kick some predictable villain’s ass. What, don’t tell me I’m the only one here keeping a spare pair of pantyhose? News spotted at StrategyInformer via ActionTrip.

Lotro Book 8 Guardian Corrections

These corrections are all in the Book 8 timeframe.

  • Turn the Tables has its facing requirement removed. As mentioned, the removal of the ability to turn while stunned greatly reduced the utility of this skill in an unintended manner.
  • Fray the Edge now functions correctly whether traited or untraited.
  • The Shield Wall issue is under review. It will take an engineering fix so I don’t know exactly what the correction will be at this time.


Unofficial Swtor Fan Art Contest of April and May

If you have time and talent and you are a Star Wars fan you should take part in Unofficial Swtor Fan Art Contest. You can submit your own work base on pre-existing character, object or location in the Star Wars Universe. Artists have until 11:59PM EST 28th of May to get their sketch in. On the 28th of May, the entries that receives the most votes win. Anyone can participate in this contest.  See the Official Contest Rules.

Some of  the art works