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Wizard101 treasure cards

If you want to buy treasure cards visit Harold Argleston in Wizard City Library or Zan’ne in Krokotopia. When you buy treasure cards  go to your spell deck in the menu or press “P” on your keyboard and add the treasure cards to your spell deck.

When you are in the battle  if you don’t like your cards or you want to use a treasure card Right Click a weak card in your deck. That will delete the ones in your hand, then press the “Draw” button and click on the treasure card. You can drawn up to three Treasure Cards per round.

Wizard101 Promotional Codes

To put a code in, go to the website and log in. Then press redeem card or code. The next step is to press button wizard101 promotional codes and to enter the code on the bottom. On the next screen press activate now and log into the wizard101 game.
NOTE: You cannot play the game while putting in codes or else it wont work. Also, you will be able to claim one code for same item per account.

castle– free house item
land – free house item
home – free house item

summer dragon– gives you the promotional Summer Dragon pet
(In order to ride the dragon, you must be a member and have completed almost all of dragonsypre. )

frog– 500 gold

Wizard – free low level necklace
spell – storm amulet
magic – storm amulet
gamma– free low level necklace
merle – free low level necklace
brock2009 – pet Death Scarab

Cities XL: Solo and Online

The lucky beta Cities XL testers are being selected, and they will receive an email within the next 48 hours. As mentioned before, users of the promo codes got higher chances of being selected.
Official Beta registrations are now closed.

Few days ago Monte Cristo has announced that Cities XL can be played either in solo mode or in a massively multiplayer online mode. With a price point of 7€ for one month or 5€ per month for 3 months, the Planet offer offers tremendous value for money. There are countless hours of gameplay, fun and sub-objectives in the Planet Mode that players will discover with time.


More details about CitiesXL modes…

Lotro Fellowship Maneuver Stun

In order to address consistency concerns with Lotro combat states, Turbine has created a new combat state called Fellowship Maneuver Stun. This combat state will appear as a stunned state with its own unique icon. This was done in order to both reduce confusion about various combat states and the immunities that go with them.

Find out more about new Fellowship Maneuver Stun

The Isle of Conquest battleground

New battleground coming to World of Warcraft with new Patch 3.2. – Call of the Crusade is placed on an island somewhere off the shores of Northrend.

Isle of Conquest, a new battleground scheduled to make its debut in the upcoming content patch, Call of the Crusade, will pitch teams of up to 40 players against each other in a massive battle over this small island off Northrend’s northern coast. To win, your team will need to make use of the island’s unique strategic locations including an oil derrick, a siege workshop, and a fully equipped airship hangar. You will deploy devastating siege weaponry on the field; Light have mercy on anyone caught between you and your ultimate target, the general holed up in the enemy keep.

There are five points of interest on the Isle of Conquest for the factions to battle over. Each one offers its own benefits and strategic value. Which one will you claim for your side, and will it be enough to ensure victory?

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