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Aion Manastones Guide


In Aion, there are three basic ways to enchant your gear. The first is using Enchantment stones, the second is using Manastones, and the third is using Godstones.


Manastones contain a certain statistic and a certain value. For example, Manastone: Accuracy +12. In this case, this Manastone would add 12 to your Accuracy value if you placed it into a socket of one of your equipped items. Similar to the Enchantment stones, only the following slots contain sockets: chest slot, legs slot, shoulders slot, hands slot, feet slot, primary slot, and secondary slot. Also, the higher the rarity of the item, the more sockets it contains.

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Wizard101 Free Housing Furniture

New Wizard101 housing feature called Castles & Lands will give us opportunity to find decoration for our Houses on different places. If you have extra time and love adventures follow our small guide and discover several amusing furniture pieces. And above all, they are free! We would like to thank Adambinder123 for all screenshots.
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New Bazaar for Wizard101


The new Wizard101 Bazaar allows players to sort items based on name, quantity, school, level and cost. When you first arrive at the Bazaar, everything will be sorted by name.

If you only want to see items that your current character can use at this time, select the Usable checkbox in the lower right corner of the window. This will filter out all items that you cannot currently use due to level or school restrictions.

Jumpgate Evolution has 250k beta sign-ups

250.000 people (along with yours truly) signed up for the beta testing of the upcoming space MMO Jumpgate Evolution. The Beta is scheduled to begin later this year. The game itself, from the looks of in game material released so far, is more action oriented in comparison to Eve Online – its direct and only real contender in the space/sci-fi MMO market (at this moment). I’d be inclined to call it the Space Invaders, while Eve would be Tetris. Now that would be one great thing to look forward to – a Tetris MMO – I have no idea how it would be possible, but I never thought putting blocks into place would be that much fun either. I’ll leave it to the Russians to figure it out.

Anyways …

Celebrating the occasion, Codemasters released a batch of new screenshots, of which we present a few below

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Spiderman director to make Warcraft movie

Blizzard and Legendary Pictures made an official announcement that Sam Raimi, director of Evil Dead and Spiderman trilogy, is going to be directing the Warcraft movie.


Whether this means we’ll be seeing upside down Orcs kissing insecure blonde Elf chicks remains to be seen. What everyone seems to agree on is that Bruce Campbell is sure to make an appearance somewhere.

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