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WoW: Cataclysm expansion announced

It has been made official – expansion no. 3 is on its way. Deathwing has risen once again shattering the world of Azeroth. The lands we came so accustomed to leveling our mains and alts will never be the same again. Main features are:

  • Two New Playable Races: Goblins and Worgen
  • level cap raised to 85
  • New Starting Zones
  • New Race and Class Combinations
  • New Secondary Profession: Archaeology
  • Guild leveling mechanism
  • New Starting Zones

You can watch the video below and we will keep you updated with new info as it becomes available. Damn it, I thought I got rid of this time eating evil that is WoW – but old tingling sensations have stired my spirits once again. Ah well ,at least there’s another fun thing to look forward to ./grin

CitiesXL Build Your Dream Cities Trailer

Somehow I have missed this when news first appeared, but apparently a new trailer showcasing in game footage of CitiesXL got released a few days back. Worth checking out if you are interested in city building games combined with economy incorporating thousands of other players :).

Guild Wars 2 announced

The “no subscription fee” MMO gets a well deserved sequel. I remember I liked Guild Wars when it first came out, but I was too deep into my WoW addiction at the time to really care enough :). Anyways, lets skip to the good stuff – the teaser trailer with some in game enviroments.

NCsoft and ArenaNet surprised and thrilled Guild Wars fans today with the world premiere of this video, the first Guild Wars 2 teaser trailer, at the GamesCom 2009 show in Cologne, Germany. See a glimpse of what’s to come in this much anticipated MMORPG sequel, set 250 years after the original Guild Wars. This teaser trailer reveals some of the world-shaking events that set up the story of Guild Wars 2 and also showcases the game’s fantastic graphics and environments…

Star Trek Online in-game footage from Gamescom 09

There’s loads of news incoming from Gamescom. Lets start of with some in game footage from the Star Trek MMORPG. It is a video shown at the STO conference shot by a handheld camera so not all details are sharp, but we can still see some space and on planet combat. Space combat looks impressive and is reminiscent of what we’ve seen in the movies and TV shows. Planet combat on the other hand feels a bit clunky. You better judge for yourself from the video below:

SWTOR Class The Sith Warrior

The Sith class has been officially shown at E3 and in this interview the Sith Warrior has been revealed and discussed by James Ohlen and Emmanuel Lusinchi – BioWare.

Darth Vader was the primary inspiration for the this character class. The Sith Warrior is a heavily armored Force user driven by darkness and rage,  a frontline fighter who aggressively uses the Force to augment his destructive power. Depending on whether players develop their characters toward pure damage or toward a balanced offense and defense, a warrior can go toe-to-toe against the strongest enemy in the room or take apart a whole mob of lesser foes. The Sith Warrior’s attacks are all about uncontrollable rage and the overwhelming use of force.

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