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Swtorcrafter, about the author.

  About the author,  (using the term loosely)   Swtorcrafter is a crafter at heart, dating back to the start of the Ultima Online beta.  It was there that he developed his love of massively multiplayer online crafting systems, in game economies and fan site creation.  It was there in that realm that he was […]

The Republic Trooper

From massive blaster rifles to state-of-the-art armor, creating the Republic Trooper took hard work and dedication from The Old Republic team. In the latest Developer Dispatch, we recount the making of this heroic defender of the Republic; from design to story, concept, and animation.

Go behind the scenes and watch the Developer Dispatch: The Republic Trooper now!

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Developer’s blog – awesome or clone?

Daniel Erickson, Principal Lead Writer on SW:TOR posted another developer’s blog entry on the official site. He goes into depth on what and how certain design choices were made when creating the Bounty Hunter class. It is a very interesting read full of hints about what Bioware’s design philosophy is. Things feel a lot like KOTOR and Mass Effect, which is a good thing mind you. One thing is for sure, this game will not only try to copy Blizzard’s successful design choices. Bioware has enough integrity and faith in its game creation abilities to decide to take some “unorthodox” paths. For example:

There were a few decisions we made early on. First of all, there would be two distinct factions. This was Star Wars™, not Star Neutral Guy’s Adventure. When there is a war that spans an entire galaxy, nobody can stand on the sidelines … The war affects everyone, even if they’d rather it didn’t.

I like this non conditional approach. It is making you make choices, choices that will have distinct consequences and make your playing experience that much unique. I am just hoping they don’t go overboard and make it a directed experience instead of unique. A fine line they have to walk here.
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Swtor Video Documentary #2

BioWare has released the second Video Documentary for Star Wars™: The Old Republic.

Set 300 years after the events of Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™ and thousands of years before the rise of Darth Vader, the setting of The Old Republic is a relatively unexplored timeframe in the Star Wars™ canon. This allows a significant amount of freedom to create an epic storyline that will allow players to make ethical decisions and become immersed in their personal Star Wars saga.

Watch as LucasArts and BioWare teams reveal how Story and Setting will enhance the player experience by clicking on the link below.

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