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Wizard101 Three New Classes

In the next Wizard101 big expansion, a content update called Grizzleheim, we can expect three new classes:

  1. The Viking Bears – honorable warriors  in Viking gear who  can never tell a lie
  2. The Wolves – act for the greater good of their tribe
  3. The Ravens – cunning creatures specialize in mystical powers

Grizzleheim will be on the test servers on Tuesday so be ready to explore new world with plenty of quests.



Wizard101 treasure cards

If you want to buy treasure cards visit Harold Argleston in Wizard City Library or Zan’ne in Krokotopia. When you buy treasure cards  go to your spell deck in the menu or press “P” on your keyboard and add the treasure cards to your spell deck.

When you are in the battle  if you don’t like your cards or you want to use a treasure card Right Click a weak card in your deck. That will delete the ones in your hand, then press the “Draw” button and click on the treasure card. You can drawn up to three Treasure Cards per round.

Wizard101 Promotional Codes

To put a code in, go to the wizard101.com website and log in. Then press redeem card or code. The next step is to press button wizard101 promotional codes and to enter the code on the bottom. On the next screen press activate now and log into the wizard101 game.
NOTE: You cannot play the game while putting in codes or else it wont work. Also, you will be able to claim one code for same item per account.

castle– free house item
land – free house item
home – free house item

summer dragon– gives you the promotional Summer Dragon pet
(In order to ride the dragon, you must be a member and have completed almost all of dragonsypre. )

frog– 500 gold

Wizard – free low level necklace
spell – storm amulet
magic – storm amulet
gamma– free low level necklace
merle – free low level necklace
brock2009 – pet Death Scarab

Items disappearing from housing walls

Few days ago a new feature was added to Wizard101 – housing system known as Castles & Lands. This game is based on magic, but items disappearing from dorm and housing walls is a bug. Wizard101 the game will be offline 08 May 2009 during the regular maintenance period of 3am to 4am Central time. After the update, your items should appear where you placed them.

If you still notice something is missing, please let Mr Lincoln know by submitting a bug report by going to Wizard101.com the website.

Also, if you had some trouble locating the Wizard101 Gift Cards at Rite Aid, don’t worry the cards are rolling out this week and will start hitting stores over the next couple of weeks.

Wizard101 May patch: Castles & Lands

Wizard101 has announced the new housing feature called Castles & Lands. All players start out with a dorm room that they can immediately decorate. Upgraded housing can be purchased using in-game gold from vendors in each of the worlds. Players must be level 10 to purchase Castles & Lands. And be sure to prepare a lot of gold!

Players can teleport to their own house using the “Go Home” button, or over to a friend’s house via their Friends List. Look for the friendly turtles to start you on your way, but first Simeon in Ravenwood has a quest for players over level 15!

More information about Wizard101 housing