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Aion Armour Set Guide

Unlike the other games Aion has decided to let you improve not just your characters, but also your armour sets. That can actually be seen in the physical appearance of your character. These screenshots will give you a quick sneak peek at some of the stunning armour sets you can expect to see in Aion. Before we start, it may be worth pointing out that there are far more armour sets available throughout the game than the few we will be showing you here in this article.

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APB – new in game footage

All points Bulletin is not your regular MMO game. It provides you with a persistant world and cities sprawling with thousands of NPCs, and yes that all sounds like something we heard so many times before. The difference is it unleashes only 100 players onto each instance of these cities. 100 mean looking, weapon wielding, pimped out car driving, blood thirsty players. Starting to sound good now? It’s your good old Cops vs Robbers game, only they are called Enforcers and Criminals in the game’s world. It all sounds and looks very GTA-ish and that is no bad thing – GTA sold in, like, gazillions? I am interested in seeing how this turns out. The game is based on Unreal 3 engine and gives you and “only” 99 other people a playground to rob and fight and whatnot. This sandbox meets Massive Multiplayer might be a breath of fresh wind.

To see a video of extensive customization options, custom music options as well as fresh in game footage follow this link 🙂

Is your WoW wife a dude? – ask Brad Pitt

Isn’t that a title you thought will never come about? Yet, that is exactly the type of questions Wired features in its latest article entitled: “The New Rules for Highly Evolved Humans, With Very Bad Advice From Brad Pitt”. Ever wondered “Can I Talk on the Phone While Taking a Whiz?”, or “Is It OK to Look at Porn at Work?” – find your answers here.

You might wonder why we are reporting about it. They do talk about WoW and Rock band so it’s ok for a gaming site to report on it. Besides, while reading the article I came across this image and I just had to do some editing on it. The wife will kill me tho – she adores Brad and can’t stand me listening to Metallica all the time. To smear her wet dream with James’ ugly mug will be a reason to chase me around the house with a hatchet. Meh, it was worth it (grins insanely).


P.S. My favorite Q&A:

I want to post a picture of my wife’s butt on twitter á la Ashton Kutcher. Do I need to ask her first, or can I snap, post, and hope she’ll be flattered?
Don’t take a picture of your wife’s butt. That’s silly. Take pictures of other people’s wives’ butts.

Ah Brad, let me be so bold to say that we wouldn’t mind a pic of your wife’s butt … lucky basterd … 😛

CitiesXL Release date pushed

The city building sim gone Massive Multiplayer Online, Cities XL, has had its release date in Europe pushed to early October 2009. I, for one, welcome this because it is always better to not the release the game until it is completely ready instead of rushing it to the market and failing miserably. Gamers do not forget blunders like that (AOC anyone?). The official statement follows:

In order to meet high expectations for our upcoming next-generation city builder game Cities XL, Monte Cristo has decided to shift the release date to early October 2009.

Focus and Flashpoint will distribute Cities XL on October 8th in the following countries: France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Austria.

Also, Monte Cristo is proud to announce that we have signed a distribution deal with Namco Bandai Partners to distribute the game in the following countries: UK, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Italy on October 9; and Australia and New Zealand on October 8.

An announcement regarding North America publishing dates will come at a later date.

Aion Closed Beta Event 4

We’ve already shared with you some information about upcoming Aion Beta Event 4. Just a few days remains until the next beta event and here’s what you will want to remember:

Focus: Elyos and Asmodian levels 1-25, including access to the Abyss.
Starting time: 17th of July (noon PST, 8 PM BST, 9 PM CEST)
Ending time: 20th of July (July 19th 11.59 PM PST, July 20th 8 AM BST/9 AM CEST)

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