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Gurvand 2.0 Hard Mode Lotro Walkthrough

Gurvand is a nice challenge now and even the raiding kins have to bring their (A) game to the fight. I’m sure there are many ways to beat Gurvand to a bloody pulp, but I’m just going to post the way my fellow kinsmen in Animus and I fight him. Gurvand is 63 level Nemesis (Ancient Evil).


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No SW:TOR news this week (and half dressed Sith)

Darth Krayt

A week went by and no news was released by Bioware (except a minor update to the official forums with new avatars – read more here). Being the only source of really new stuff concerning the game and spoiling us by regular updates in the past weeks, Bioware outraged me with their silence, so I went browsing for other things to write about and ended up reading any other SW:TOR related happenings I could find. Enter fan sites *drumroll*. For a game not even in beta there is an amazing number of web sites, blogs, podcasts and similar shenanigans trying to attract the community’s attention. And the community is blossoming. The official forums have loads of threads and are more active than some live and long running MMORPGs out there (LotRO EU for example).

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Fan Faire Registration Now Open

Join SOE at Bally’s Las Vegas for four days of revelry and celebration at Fan Faire 2009. This year marks the 10th anniversary of EverQuest, and SOE will celebrate this incredible milestone with its loyal fans June 25-28.

For $89 (plus any applicable taxes), attendees will receive an All-Access pass to an expanded Fan Faire weekend that includes:

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Tolkien will move into the digital age

J R R Tolkien will move into the digital age as HarperCollins begins selling his Lord of the Rings series as enhanced e-books.  David Roth-Ey, director of digital business development, said that the launch was the

most significant e-book initiative” the publisher has done so far. He said: “This is something that the fans so clearly wanted. Releasing Tolkien in e-books is something that has long been a goal of ours and we wanted to create high-quality legal versions of these books. It was a long -process—with the maps and runes, it’s slightly more complicated than [digitising] your average thriller.

As The Bookseller went to press, the publisher said it was planning to issue Tolkien’s entire back catalogue as e-books, beginning with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit and The Children of Húrin from today [20th April]. The Hobbit is priced £6.99, and the three individual Lord of the Rings titles as well as The Children of Húrin are priced £7.99. The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy can be bought for £19.99.


Lotro Book 7 Patch 2 Discussion

Patch 2 goes live Tuesday April 21

The LOTRO game servers will be brought down on Tuesday April 21 from 6:00AM – 12:00PM Eastern (-4 GMT) for an update to the game.
What about the Lothlorien reputation crafted item recipe crit trophies? Are they being added during the patch also? Or will they come in the next patch?
They are not in patch 2.

Lothlorien gift boxes never worked as intended, even on Bullroarer, if so is it possible to know what is their proper function?
They’re serving their ‘function’ but their loot table is wrong. On bullroarer they were too generous and on live they’re a bit stingy. I think the goal is something in between.

We won’t be able to run the “crafting” instances repeatedly anymore?

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